Crocriver Lodge - Komatipoort

Where the Komati and Crocodile Rivers meet before it flows into Mozambique and disappears behind the Lebombo mountains, you will find Komatipoort.  The village where people and nature live together in perfect harmony.

This lovely quaint town is only 8km from Crocodile Bridge Gate and 50km from Malalane Gate, two of the many well known gates of the Kruger Park. The town is only 3 km from the Lebombo Border Post.
Land and water reform projects, tourism in the Kruger National Park and the development of the Maputo Corridor have all contributed to the economic and tourism development of this lovely little village that supports a modern society.


The brand new golf course will provide a magnificent view of the adjacent Kruger National Park to all players enjoying a round of golf on this nine-hole golf course, in the shades of Knob Thorns, ficus and Fever trees amidst hearing the cries of the mysterious fish eagle.  The natural habitat of a variety of monkeys and birds with magnificent plumage, antelope and hippopotami forms part of this golf course. 
If golfing is not part of your interests there are many other activities to entertain yourself. Packing a picnic basket full of home made goodies and setting of on one of the many hiking trails, finding a spot and spending time with the people closest to you will make it all worth while.
For the not so faint hearted there is trying your strength against a tiger-fish, known for there fighting spirit.  This is a sport that can be enjoyed by experts and novices alike. If you are a bird lover don't forget you binoculars.  Numerous birds are to be found amongst the trees or in the reeds


Tel (013) 767 1377